De Amstel

De Amstel: a name with a


At the national and international level, 'De Amstel' is

a reputed name where it concerns the production of

ficus; from the young plants stage until the most

gigantic sizes which are up to 6 meters in length.

'De Amstel' thanks this leading role in the first place

to the composition of its ficus assortment, which

consist a wide range of ficus varieties in numerous

forms, shapes (pyramid, braid, corkscrew, (double)

spiral) and sizes.

Optimal quality and service

'De Amstel' has opted for a sales system through

the Dutch auctions and exporters; 'De Amstel' itself

focusses entirely on the production and propagation

of her products.

For 'De Amstel', providing of optimal quality and

service is of the utmost importance. The quality is

guaranteed by the application of quality standards

(for example MPS-A)

This is a very important thing, because the

customers in Holland and other countries rightfully

put high demands on the plants they buy from 'De