The assortment of 'De Amstel' consist a

variety of tropical plants. These plants

are available in different varieties,

heights and potsizes.

You find these plants on the left side of

the site in the range overview.

Our big ficus stams or pyramids of 4 to 6

meter are mostly used in shoppingcentra,

offices or govermentbuildings. The plants

provide a better living environment and a

healthier working environment. In a nice        

pot, they are a great decoration for

buildings. You can find our plants around

the world such as England, Germany,

Ireland and the Middle East.


A number of forms, such as the pyramid

and screen form we make ourselves. The

forming of the ficus such as roomdivider,

(double) corkscrew, (braided) stem and

columna usually happens during their

growth in Costa Rica.

When the desired shape is chosen, the

young plant is guided into the shape. By

cutting the plant while growing, the plant

will take the form of the chosen shape.

The final result will be a nice and fixed

plant. By shaping the plant, it gets an

exclusive character and it will be a

beautiful decoration.

Our import is mostly from Costa Rica. The

plants are here finished in 3 to 6 months

to complete plants.